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Renewal of Vows

So you have a special anniversary coming up. Why not make it super special by having a renewing your vows ceremony?

You may have been married for many years, maybe the first time around you had a registry wedding, maybe you were married abroad or maybe you’ve come through a particularly difficult time and would like to take this opportunity to declare the strength and depth of your love for each other. We can include your family and friends or maybe you’d prefer just the two of you! It’s all about what’s meaningful to you.


By working together we can make it a beautiful, meaningful occasion but with that all important sprinkling of humour.

I work closely with both of you; that way you get your perfect ceremony. So whether you want a formal and traditional ceremony, an informal and contemporary one, or a blend of both, we can create the ceremony that you both deserve.

Whatever stage of planning you’re at get in touch so I can hear your plans so far. It’s always easiest to talk, so please use the contact page and send me an email outlining one or two days and times you’re available and we’ll arrange a chat, real life or virtual!