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Other Ceremonies that celebrate life.

On our journey through life, we have ceremonies to mark the transitional times in our lives: new beginnings – births, getting a new job, taking a new name ; initiations – coming of age; relationships – marriage, civil partnership, commitment and renewal of vows ; and endings – funeral or memorial ceremonies and having your say in the ‘Last Word’.


Your ceremony can be a small and quiet occasion or an elaborate whole family-and-friends get together. As an English Celebrant in France I can help you have the ceremony that means most to you and your family.

Often when couples divorce the ripples of pain extend out to other members of the family. A Divorce Ceremony can help in the healing process; it allows both parties the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the good times in the marriage and publicly reaffirm to any children that they are still loved. The ceremony can acknowledge any hurt that’s been caused and help both parties to accept the past and move on to a new chapter in their lives.

Rite of passage ceremonies and rituals take place throughout the world. The Jewish community have Bat and Bar Mitzvahs. In Swazi and Zulu cultures entering womanhood is celebrated by the Umhlanga (ceremony). Native American’s have the Vision Quest and Aboriginal boys celebrate their transition to manhood with a long and solitary Walk-a-bout. A Coming-of-age Ceremony can be used to initiate the young person into the world of adulthood at 16, 18 or 21 but it can also be used at 13 to mark the transitional ’teenage’ period and help young people to understand their position in society and the family.

This new beginning is exciting, as a new home usually means you’ll become part of a new community and make new friends too. A New Home Ceremony can give you the opportunity to bridge the gap between your old life and the new. It allows your new neighbours to get to know the real you and gives you the opportunity to warmly welcome them into your life.

For some people starting a new job is more than just having a new place of employment; it’s a whole new start in life. A New Job ceremony can be used to take what you have learnt from your past jobs and look forward to the new challenges and new successes.

It can be a difficult for some people to come to terms with retirement. A job can define who you are, not just what you do. A Retirement Ceremony can commend the successes of your jobs and open up the many possibilities for the future. It also allows co-workers the opportunity to reminisce about past times, honour your service and cement your friendship.

  • Honouring the Armed Services
  • World Aids Day
  • Memorial charity days

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