Day 2 – A wonderful reminder of your wedding day- wonderful photographs

Seems an odd subject for a wedding photographer to blog about but the this does interest me and of course I hope the answer is “just use Neil Cooling!”.  Here are some headings and questions to consider when choosing your destination wedding photographer.

Top tip no #1 – Avoid friends and family

  • Are they experienced wedding photographers with a portfolio that you really like?
  • Will they have the right equipment with them and what happens if their camera fails?
  • What will be their priority on the wedding day, having a good time or photographing all aspects of the wedding?

Top tip no #2 – Start the search early

Typically start looking for your photographer one year in advance if it’s a summer wedding

Top tip no #3 – Determine what style suits you

  • Classic – traditional with client’s photos list?
  • Photojournalistic, documentary style, informal and natural?
  • Illustrative – classic and photojournalistic combined?
  • Fashion – dramatic and styled?

Each are different, and photographers tend to specialise on a certain style. Which style do you like?

Top tip no #4 – Where to find the photographer

  • Do you have personal recommendations from the venue, wedding planner or other person familiar with the locality?
  • Check out their website, Facebook and Instagram – beware some work displayed may not be theirs
  • Read the reviews – cross check the client names to ensure they are genuine.
  • Try and get a feeling for the photographer’s approach and personality.

Top tip no #5 – Create a shortlist

  • Style of photographs, do you like them?
  • Personality, personal style and skills, do they meet your requirements?
  • Price – set a range, will you be prepared to pay more for the right photographer?

Top tip no #6 – Interview the photographers

  • Are they experienced, suitably skilled, registered and insured?
  • Do they carry back up equipment?
  • What involvement will the photographer have with you prior to the wedding?
  • How will they conduct themselves on the wedding day?
  • Do you like them, and can you imagine spending a full day in their company and will the guests be able to relax with them too?
  • Do you trust them to record your wedding day?

Top tip no #7 – Check out the package

  • What is the fee and how is it paid?
  • What elements of the day will the photographer cover and what happens if the timings overrun?
  • How do you receive the images and how many will you receive?
  • What is the post production process and what happens if you would like some changes made?
  • Is there anything in the contract that concerns you?

Top tip no # 8 – Make a decision

  • Revisit the portfolio, is it a style you love?
  • Revisit your interview notes, have you missed anything?
  • Consider the value of the photographs – the guests, the key moments and the emotions all need to be captured by the photographer.
  • Do you like the photographer, will you and the guests be comfortable around them, do you trust them to record your wedding day?

If you are looking for a relaxed, friendly and fun photographer who  adopts a natural style, who loves to get to know his customers, to understand their likes and dislikes that is me.  Laura and Dave did and were very pleased with the result,

“Thank you so much for everything! It was great for you to be a part of our day, and we do hope you enjoyed it too.

The photo gallery is STUNNING! Thank you so much – the photos are just gorgeous and we don’t have any edits to suggest. We are so happy in particular about all of the wonderful guest photos you took – without which I think a lot of the different elements of the day may have been lost!

Absolutely in love with photos 160, 279 and 281 in particular!

Thanks again Neil!”

Contact me at  and hopefully I will be available for your wedding.

And finally, my advent treat to you is a €100 reduction when you book me for your wedding.