Day 7 – Keep the music flowing and the happiness growing

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me… fantastic wedding ideas from The Candies.

We like to stay up-to-date with the latest wedding trends… and we’re very happy to share them with you.

Couples are making their weddings a great event experience with celebrations spread over two, three and four days.  As well as the traditional wedding day they have

  • Pre-Wedding getting-to-know you parties
  • Low-key picnics
  • Posh afternoon tea parties
  • Informal day-after-the-wedding BBQs and hog roasts

Top tip no #1 Creating your own Wedding Experience has to be fantastic but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are options to suit every budget; picnics and afternoon tea parties are fabulous ways to celebrate without breaking the bank!  Choose a local restaurant for your welcome dinner; they can prepare a fabulous French menu de jour, which usually offers excellent value for money.

Ever popular street food is also making an appearance, with fish and chip vans, on-site pizzas, artisan ice-creams and even cookie bars.  There are great options available in Franc

e to help you create your own unique wedding experience.

A great advantage to this multi-day trend is that celebrations aren’t restricted to the traditional Saturday and suppliers are more likely be available.

We perform at so many amazing weddings and we’re so aware that our music will be woven into the fabric and memories of that day.  We don’t take our contribution lightly and know that music can make or break a party so……

Top tip no #2 – think carefully about the music you choose to keep your guests included, happy and your dance floor full

  • If you’re planning a sit-down meal followed by an early night, cocktail music might be a great idea for when your guests arrive.
  • Where will the band perform?  We like to be close to the guests; we love the interaction! Is there enough space to make a stage area for your singers?
  • Allow space for dancing and consider fire exits, entrances and exits.  If you’re dancing under the stars you can hire some fabulous dance floors!
  • Try to keep the bar in the same room; ideally at the opposite end. If the bar is in a different room you could split your party. If you have to split, can you leave a door open between the two spaces?
  • It’s your big day and your party but maybe you have three generations of guests. To ensure everyone feels included, choose band that can perform music that everyone will enjoy.
  • Guests usually don’t dance whilst it’s light. If your party is outside try to wait until it’s a little later and if you’re inside dim the lights and let the band’s lighting create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Are there noise restrictions?  It doesn’t mean you can’t have live music, but make sure your band is aware and can control their volume accordingly
  • Last but not least… be present at your party.  If you want your guests to get up and do their thing… lead from the front! You don’t need fancy footsteps, but if you take to the floor chances are your guests will follow.

We want our couples to love our music… just like Kimberley and Gareth…“The Candies were a HUGE part of our day and it wouldn’t have been the same without them! They are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING…”

If you’re looking for Live Music that’s unexpectedly fabulous and totally perfect for cocktails, champagne or a party then get in touch with The Candies! (www.the-candies.) we’d love to help you celebrate with style.

As every advent calendar window comes with a treat… book The Candies for your 2019 Wedding  and we’ll offer you a 5% reduction… hurry though, you’ll need to confirm your booking by the 31st March 2021 to secure the discount.

Merry, merry Christmas!  We hope you have an amazing 2021!

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