Day 19 – Stop that lull on your wedding day….

Top Tips to stop that lull in your day – you know the bit between the day part and the evening….

How exciting you are planning your wedding, you probably have organised your celebrant, your wedding planner, your venue, flowers, makeup hair and beauty, you have sent your wedding invitations out and you are thinking about entertaining your guests on the day.  You get to the fun part thinking about your music entertainment.  Weddings evoke memories for music, people always ask “what’s your song?”  A song can conjure up so many memories, make you smile, make you cry, make you laugh (did you really dance to that song on holiday when you were little!)  You either know the type of genre you want and whether you want to mix it up a bit or you are open to ideas and want to make people smile when they hear a tune.

You start thinking how do you make your day special and involve music to make memories?  It’s a huge question and here are our top tips:-

Top tip  1 ~ Thinking about music and mood

Decide what type of music you want at your ceremony and the mood you want. Do lots of research and then match your type of music suppliers using lots of useful directories available for getting married in France with lots of lists of suppliers, have you always wanted a harpist or a saxophonist?

Cellist Sam Bramley

Top tip 2 ~ Music to last all day 

Then there is music to think about if you are having any breaks or in the ceremony itself – chose your atmosphere and go with what makes you smile and happy and what you know will put a smile, wipe away a tear on your big day

Phew you have done the ceremony part, nerves are hopefully over and it’s time to celebrate

Most couples have a reception afterwards, this helps people to say hi to each other, get the photos to capture those priceless memories, so it’s nice to maybe have some background music playing, or maybe some strolling musicians or that funky jazz player on his saxophone – maybe this is the part where you have your harpist/violinist/guitar player – whatever you have music will set the mood of your guests, nobody wants lift music at their wedding…

Top tip 3 ~ Trial your choice of music

Maybe make a playlist and have it on in the car on your way to work and see if it works for you, can you imagine walking down the aisle to it?

Top tip 4 ~  Stop that lull in the evening

The meal is one of the highlights of the day, it’s great to have some lovely fresh food, topped up with wine by your waiter. Depending on where you are, sometimes the waiters can be a little bit cheeky but more about them later on. The meal is over, the speeches are next, the music is turned down. Everyone loves the best man’s speech, whether it’s a ‘triumph’ or an ‘oh dear – never mind’

So every couple think about this part and the slight lull that can sometimes happen between the ‘day’ part and the ‘evening’ part, how to avoid it, our top tip!

Picture this – what happens if that cheeky waiter, suddenly walked across in front of the happy couple and fell over? We bet everyone would be cheering and shouting with a few whoops – how embarrassing!  Your heart goes out to the happy couple – ouch – someone has spoilt their big day, it’s all gone a bit quiet, no music, bit awkward, poor waiter now the waiter is apologising to the happy couple!

Suddenly there is music playing, it’s not background music and you know that tune…. It’s………? Oh wow the waiter has picked up the microphone in front of the happy couple and has started singing, well that’s a bit different.  They have us waving our napkins and singing along, everyone is clapping and singing – the atmosphere has totally changed.

I think it’s safe to say that there won’t be a lull in deep, remote, rural France (or not) the team from Singing Waiters in France who you had thought were just pouring the wine and water, suddenly burst into song and entertained your guests making them remember your wedding and the musical memories those songs will bring to your big day.

Singing Waiters in France can help with your full end-to-end musical requirements. Visit our website and don’t forget to check us out on YouTube and see us in action.

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