Day 19 – Take a walk on the wild side

Some people aren’t so keen on all the pomp and ceremony that goes with formal weddings and feel much more relaxed and at ease with a more rustic, family-style celebration.  Don’t think that your wedding needs to be planned to the minute and try not to get carried away thinking you need everything to be perfect and overly organised.

TIP 1 – Keep it natural, simple and relaxed!

All you need is a joyful gathering in a beautiful landscape to reconnect with nature and your loved ones. No need to go to the Bahamas, France is conveniently close for everyone, the sun is always shining and you’ll find good food and plentiful wine to keep your guests happy! Think of an outdoors scene of long banquet tables, hessian runners, wildflowers and simple fayre, all enjoyed beneath the sun and stars.

TIP 2 – Get your friends involved!

The whole idea of having a destination wedding is that you can share lots more time with your friends and family. Your guests will be free and willing to lend a hand so don’t be afraid to ask your friends to help. If you are having a more DIY-style wedding and need to give people tasks, they’ll love it! It personalises and gives ownership of your special day to your friends and family, almost inevitably leading to a much more profound experience for everybody, and one that will be talked about for years to come. It also means that all your guests get to know each other in a much more intimate way, in our experience, there’s nothing like it.

Quirky camping has been hosting rustic, outdoorsy, festival-style weddings on a beautiful organic small holding in the Dordogne for the last five years. They offer wedding couples the chance to hold their ceremony in their woodland amphitheatre and total menu choice for the alfresco celebration meal under the elm trees, using fresh ingredients form their veggie garden.  Dancing takes place in the cart shed, and guests can stay in the beautiful, hand-crafted eco yurts. They offer accommodation for up to 28 guests.

Quirky Camping also offers newly-married couples special honeymoon accommodation in their eco-yurt hideaways – after all the celebrations, couples need some relaxing, downtime to recharge their batteries and that is exactly what is offered at the yurts. The Bodgers’ Yurt and Roundhouse is particularly recommended as it is so perfectly private, hidden away in the woods, providing a luxury yurt bedroom, your very own hobbit-style kitchen and star-gazing viewing platform.  Quirky Camping is offering Honeymooners 10% off throughout 2019 – just quote  Celebrant France.

“From the bottom to the tops of our hearts, thank you for an amazing week. Words can’t describe how thankful we are for all the hard work, passion and love shown to us, our family and our friends. You guys are THE BEST and we look forward to anniversary returns. We’ll be dreaming of the views, amazing food, campfire songs, the splish splosh, whirlpools and refreshing showers”.    

For more information take a look at our website  We look forward to hearing from you.