Day 15 – Music is love; love is music…


France is such a wonderful place to get married, the ambience, style, food, the language, the Chateaux- it’s a fantastic and memorable experience. There’s the buzz of that first idea to get married abroad, the excitement of visiting the venues you have shortlisted. But of course, there are a lot of practicalities to deal with too. Dealing with all the arrangements, suppliers, food, venue, accommodation, music, aah. That list can seem endless at times !

I’m writing as one of the many musicians available in France-don’t worry there are plenty of amazing musicians and bands out there covering all the styles you could possibly wish to hear.

Over the past six years I have learnt a lot about booking the music for a wedding and here are my top five tips.

Top tip no #1 –  check out specialist websites

If the musician/band is listed in one of the specialist websites, such as Brides in France, they have good testimonials or good referrals from other wedding specialists then you can be assured they will truly understand your needs and be geared up for weddings

Top tip no #2 – keep an open mind

Have an idea of what you think you need but let yourself be guided by the musician. It’ll be probably your first wedding (!) but not theirs……so there’s a lot of experience you can tap into.

Top tip no #3 – don’t just rely on email

If you can’t meet your musician in person then meet them on Skype/ Facetime- you’ll get good feel for what they are about

Top tip no #4 – there’s more than just turning up and playing

It’s helpful to understand that France is a big country to get around and

musicians need to arrive early, set up, sound- check, maybe relocate their equipment if they are playing in two locations for you e.g. outside and then inside later on. So that’s often a lot of time on the road or at the venue.

Top tip no #5 – trust your musician

And finally, once you have chosen your music, you can relax and let them get on with doing what you’ve booked them to do.  That ‘to do list’ item is now ticked !

By the way, my name’s Phil, I’m a sax player and it’s been my absolute privilege and pleasure to have been playing at weddings in France for the past few years. When I moved here 6 years ago I had to stop my UK band work and needed to keep playing so I started to develop a solo sax career.

I now have a fully developed sax wedding service covering The Ceremony, right the way through to the evening disco.

As an experienced sax player I can accommodate all of your music needs. I can play some very special music for the ceremony, provide a fantastic jazz based ambience for the Cocktail Reception, take the tempo and energy levels up for Dinner with a pop/ Motown set or even do a late set with your DJ. You can listen to me play here.

You’ll find testimonials and sound clips on my website, I’d love to hear from you but most of all, whatever you decide to do I wish you the perfect day.


Phil 🎷