Day 15 – How to choose THE best wedding planner for you!

Wedding Planners for all… but how do you find yours?

Every wedding is unique and should be tailor-made! Your wedding will be one of the most significant events in a your life.

The role of  a wedding planner in France is to create a stress-free event that you will never forget.

You and all your guests will say ..    ‘ That was the best wedding I have ever been to!”

Photo courtesy of Lydia Taylor Jones

Top tip no 1 – Take the time to do some initial research on Wedding Planner sin your chosen area.

Make a shortlist and ask to have an initial chat with them to discuss their experience, knowledge base and to get a ” feel” if they may suit what you are looking for in a Wedding Planner.

An experienced, professional Wedding Planner should give you expert,clear advice and all possible options based on your wedding vision, your budget and your dream wedding.

Photo courtesy of @darkmaito

Top tip no 2 – Find out about the Wedding Planner’s experience 
A good Wedding Planner is happy to answer questions that let you discover how amazing they are. So some questions you can ask are: how long have they been wedding planning? What do they feel they can offer you as a potential wedding couple? Do they have a comprehensive list of wedding venues and experienced suppliers they work with and can they offer a service within your wedding budget. A professional wedding planner should be open and honest about what a wedding may cost – transparency is essential in relation to wedding budgets!
Top tip no 3 – When chatting ask yourself, do I connect with this person?
It is really important you feel you will be comfortable to work/ plan alongside your chosen Wedding Planner ( it is the most important day of your life!) so their personality and you feeling at ease with them plus having confidence and trust in that person is crucial.

Top tip no 4  –  ask, ask ,ask
Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have , however small they are … effective communication is SO important.

Your wedding planning experience should be fun and stress free! Your chosen Wedding Planner should be able to ensure this is the case and provide a seamless, enjoyable , personal and tailor-made service to you; so choose carefully.

With over 14 years experience as a Wedding Planner I will be your ‘listening ear’ , consultant , financial supervisor, event designer and many more roles ! I will be here to support you every step of the way.
I work very closely with my brides and grooms / brides and brides / grooms and grooms to create unforgettable moments and experiences, not only for the couple but also for their family and friends, making sure everyone’s experience is amazing.

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