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Naming Ceremonies

Names are a part of every culture and they’re of enormous importance in the building of our personal identity. In some cultures names are passed down through the generations; in others names are governed by an event that occurred during the pregnancy or around the time of the birth; in some cultures magic and incantations are used to divine a name.


As an English Celebrant in France, I can work with you to plan a celebration of a new name and all the potential that holds. Whether it’s for a baby, a new addition to the family or a change of name for an adult, let’s celebrate.


Baby Naming

Do you have a new member of the family that you’d like to introduce to your wider family and friends? Maybe you have a new grandson or daughter? Then why not have a naming ceremony? This is the alternative to a Christening.


Whether you have a new baby to introduce to your family and friends; are uniting two families and want to build a sense of belonging or have a child through the adoption process that you want to welcome into your life, a naming ceremony can provide the perfect opportunity for you to declare your love and commitment to your child or children.


It also creates the perfect opportunity to introduce them to your family and friends and give them the chance to offer their love and support. As an alternative to godparents some parents choose specific adults to become mentors, sponsors or guardians to their child or children. Everyone needs to feel they belong and through a naming ceremony you make your child/children a very special part of the family.

Adult Naming

If you’ve changed your name by deed poll as an adult, then have a naming ceremony to tell the world what your new name means to you and the dreams you have for your future. Together we can design a celebration that truly reflects who you are and what your new name means to you.

Whatever naming ceremony you would like, we can work together to make it happen. As an Independent Celebrant I can use religious or spiritual elements in your ceremony, or none, as you wish.

So you can share your initial thoughts about the ceremony, it’s always easiest to talk. So please use the contact page and send me an email outlining one or two days and times you’re available and we’ll arrange a chat. 🙂